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the global community is certainly in a very different place for this year’s world aids day. we are facing the colliding impacts of two of the biggest epidemics of our time: hiv/aids and covid-19.
hydroxychloroquine was quickly thrown into a global spotlight after it garnered simultaneous praise and criticism from a number of high-profile sources.   the drug has since been investigated in several randomised clinical trials and observational studies. most studies to date have shown no evidence of a benefit of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for patients admitted to hospital who already have covid-19.  
as i left the un general assembly high-level meeting on ending tb in new york two years ago, there was renewed hope that this could be a turning point for accelerating progress against tuberculosis (tb). but covid-19 has shifted global tb control from acceleration into reverse.
Also contributing to this opinion piece were: Sharifah Sekalala, Associate Professor at the University of Warwick; Judith Bueno de Mesquita, Co-Deputy Director at the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex; Claire Lougarre, lecturer and Director of the Centre for Health Ethics and Law at the University of Southampton; and Michel Coleman, Professor of Epidemiology and Vital Statistics at the london School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
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